Who do YOU want ME to be?

I haven’t really been up to anything major this week, but I feel that I need to write something on this blog otherwise you people will forget it exists and never click back here ever again.  That would make me sad.

So OK, here’s something:  In my Acting class, we’re starting to work on some impersonations.  I need to figure out one actor and one political figure I might be able to imitate.  So, here’s a call for suggestions.  Can you picture me being any actor in particular?  Or is there any actor you would LIKE to see me try to do?  Because anything will help at this point.  Also, political figures: they can also be journalists or pundits.  I was thinking about giving Rachel Maddow a try.  Thoughts?  Obviously Tina Fey has the market cornered on Sarah Palin impersonations, so if you have any other non-Maddow suggestions, let me know.  (On that note, how AMAZING was Bill Hader’s Alan Alda on SNL yesterday? – I’ll tell you:  A-freakin’-Mazing!)

Anyway, help me out here friends! Reply either here or on Facebook!  I look forward to it!


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