Will the real Brie Watson please stand up?

Hello out there!

From now on, if ever someone asks me if I’ve ever done any stand-up comedy, I can proudly answer “Yes, I have!”  (Because this is the kind of question that comes up in conversation often for most people, right?)  I’ll be the first to admit that I need a LOT of work before my act is anywhere near good enough to perform in front of a live/real/human audience, but I’ve tried it now.  I’ve developed a taste for it…and now, I want more.  MORE!!!! (I bet this is how the first person to have discovered bacon felt…)

The greatest thing about this program is the amount of encouragement you get from the teachers and peers.  I felt terrible after finding out that I’d spoken for 2 minutes, a full 100% more than what I was supposed to, (I suppose all my tour guide friends will remember my habit of perpetually exceeding my allotted time limit inside the tunnels at Vimy…) However, the teacher attributed this to a certain “Brieness,” as he calls it, which comes out when I take command of that mic.  And though my set wasn’t spectacular, there was something really great about another human being acknowledging the existence of this entity, this Brieness.

I think everyone should take at least a few moments a day to acknowledge their own unique “ness”es.

2 thoughts on “Will the real Brie Watson please stand up?

  1. Dina says:

    I love your Brieness! In fact, my Dinaness and your Brieness mesh so well, and that why we’re such good friends 🙂

    I can’t wait till I can see you on stage doing stand-up and/or improv!

    ❤ LOFE

  2. Nick Watson says:

    Why is there so much bacon love now a-days, are you kids just finding out about bacon. Is this the result of tofu entering the genX parenting food arsenal?

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